TGS Enterprise Networks provides solutions and services for Enterprise Customers in the field of telecommunication and IT, including
• Enterprise Communication Networks
• Broadband Communication Systems
• Energy Management Solutions
• IT Equipment Services and Solutions
• Cellular Networks Installation and Maintenance Services

UniXcape is the communication software solution to enhance
customer capability in communication. Based on open standard,
UniXcape can be connected to legacy PBX as well as modern
Softswitch to add more functionality and eciency. UniXcape

Family consist of 4 solutions :
UniXcape Voice, the future voice communication platform.
UniXcape Mobility, mobilize you workplace.
UniXcape Contact center, the modular and exible
contact center and
UniXcape conference, the visual conference.

To become a globally recognized company providing integrated IT and Communication Solution and Service to Enterprise Customers.
To provide state-of-the-art solutions based on a well-established technology and to respond to customers’ requirements and deliver service with quality and speed.
Customers are assured that they are working with a partner that not only understands their local market, but also has an in-depth knowledge of the product suites, ensuring that customers will have seamless continuity of service.